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Wednesday, October 17th, 2007
1:54 pm
HEER I'm not leaving the other communities here though. But that's where all of my personal entries will go, folks.Sore ja.
Thursday, September 20th, 2007
3:22 pm
........I'll tell you, I had a bad experience yesterday. I'm not going to talk about it because I'm not ready yet. (Don't worry it's nothing too big-just one of those nasty little traumatizing events that one will remember for a couple days and eventually move on.

The good news is, when I'm troubled, distraction is the answer.
Here is the result of that distraction.


OH HELL YEAH. It's finally done. XD Actually it was much less complicated than I thought. I'm so pimping this thing like everywhere. XD I'm so happy that it's finally up. >_<

In other news, I'm on my third driving lesson. I am getting better. SLOWLY. But it's going to take a looong time. Dammit.

AND YAY. I found another import manga store. THAT SHIPS IN TWO DAYS. kljldskfjldksj KINOKUNIYA FTW!!! I've got Shugo Chara 4 and Sumomomo momomo 1 now. XD

Current Mood: accomplished
Monday, July 23rd, 2007
1:42 pm
Thigh-highs SUCK XD
Yes they do. They might look cute/and or sexy but OMFG. x_x I think the circulation in my legs has been cut off. For real. They hurt so bad!

Well enough bitching about that. Might as wellbore you to death by giving you the juice on Otakon 2007, might I?Collapse )

....I'm still tired.......

*goes to unpack suitcase before reading another chapter of Potter.*

Current Mood: exhausted
Thursday, June 7th, 2007
2:47 pm
I was sent to get rat food at the pet store on Sunday and....came back with a little more than that. XDCollapse )

Current Mood: cheerful
Saturday, May 26th, 2007
9:16 am
Soooo the doctor thinks I'm hypoglycemic correct spelling plz? which means I have low blood sugar. That would explain a LOT of things....for instance I love to sleep and it's hard to wake me up...I get tired very easily and headaches quite often. x_x So....oh joy. They want to test my blood to see if there are any problems with my liver in continuing my medication. Okay....I've been on this medication for...one..two...SEVEN years about...so why would a problem with my liver start NOW!? I don't get it. T_T I'm really upset because at my last check-up which was Thursday I've found out I lost weight. That is really bad. I cannot afford to lose weight! That just freaks me out....>_<

Work is annoying. Not cause of the customers-oh no, some of those old people customers ROCK...like the other set of grandparents I've never had. The moms with the little kids are also very pleasant to serve. So the customers for the most part are made of win. I
t's my CO-WORKERS who are a pain in the ass to be around. They are not nice to me. They obviously don't like me at all. I mean four out of ten of them are what you COULD call friendly to me and that is IT. I try to be as pleasant as I can be despite that...but it doesn't work. They treat me like an idiot, are downright cold, and never include me in their conversations. I do space out a lot but I do my work like I'm supposed to! What's the problem, people!? Seriously now. T_T I'd give anything to quit this very minute to work at a bookstore or Suncoast where I'd actually FIT IN with the otaku crowd. Did you know? Geeks are nice people. XD I KNOW I could get along with ANY fan...this is a girl who can walk right up to total strangers in the anime section at Best Buy, have a ten minute conversation with them and walk away with their email address!

But guess what? The nearest store is like 20 miles away and I have no car or license for that matter. I HATE MY TOWN!!! USELESS!!! RAWR!!! BUMBLEF**K NOWHERE! THAT IS WHERE I LIVE.

Thank god for my fandom and my friends. Sometimes they're probably the only things that can keep me happy and cheerful. And my parents too...though they can be a bit...irritating sometimes.

Etto....I wanna be an AMV master and I daresay I'm off to a good start. XD

Current Mood: annoyed
Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007
2:51 pm
Maybe something you didn't know....
I did something today that I haven't done in YEARS.
I went Read more...Collapse )

Current Mood: mischievous
Saturday, March 10th, 2007
7:59 am
Awawawawawa x_x
Errrrgh I'm so overwhelmed. There's so many things I want to do and I like NEVAR do them. I have ADD. I f**king SWEAR I have ADD. The internet is forBSing!!Collapse )

Oh oh I got you a free FMP postcard thingy that you can put on yer waaaall!! XD

Current Mood: silly
Wednesday, January 24th, 2007
10:03 pm
I R housewife....
Yup, you read right. Um...exclude the "wife" part but one day my mother went all Hitler and said to me: "ZOMG U R LEIK, HOME ALL TEH TIME AND DU NUTTIN AROUND DIS HOUSE RAWR RAWR RAWR!!

She has a point though...I'm only taking one class at school AND I'm unemployed and pretty much all I do all day is fool around on forums (mainly ES) and make computer graphics like all the avatars you see here. Oh yes, and type to YOU people... T_T (j/k)

So we made up a schedule and shyat so here I am, cleaning kitchens, washing clothes, and OH YES, scrubbing toilets. It's not that bad though. Because I've been getting too much sleep (OMG THERE'S SUCH A THING!? O_O) and if I'm up and moving, I'm not tempted to slouch around on my bed.

...I am getting better at DDR but only SLIGHTLY, i.e. I can now hit two arrows at the same time now.LOOZER XD

I want to start a Kodocha forum because it's underrated and there aren't any of them to my knowledge!

I also want to do an LJ theme with Takuto and Mitsuki cause that'd be fun and Lord knows, there's 52 episodes and 7 manga volumes so SURELY I could find an expression for every mood. (I took some GREAT shots of Takuto today♥hehehe) I am still working on the layout for the shrine too...it's coming along slowly but surely. I can't wait til it's dooone~♥

I'm trying to get a job at Blockbuster and that'd be sweet-ass if they let me in! XD

Current Mood: busy
Tuesday, December 12th, 2006
3:34 pm
Ughhhx_x emo Chiibi needs a hug....and advil
The suck factor this month has been really high for me so far...prepare yourself for some emo-ishbitching...Collapse )

Current Mood: sick
Saturday, October 28th, 2006
9:14 pm
Happy Birthday to Me
Well it was yesterday. But yeah. ^^;

I'm a very happy person! My B-day present was DDR and I brought it over to (high school buddy) Chris's house and everyone played. (I still suck xD) His sister was AMAZING...holy crap....she was a crazy little daredevil on that thing. She PWNED all of us bad. xD

And today I was finally able to talk my dad into a new DVD player (cause the old one won't even play burned stuff) and THIS one was delightfully cheap AND it can play .avi so I can watch ALL my fansubs on the big screen TV!! *joy joy happiness*

SPEAKING of fansubs! I've totally fallen in love with Ouran Host Club. It's so hilarious and cute. Go HaruhixTamaki! Hehe I heart Tamaki-senpai <3 He's so outrageous and goofy but there's a really cute side to him too! ^_^ *adds to bishounen list* Congrats for being the first new type of character for me to like, Tama! xD

Oh yes! I;m following lots of new shows this year so say hello to my first anime blog! Right now there's just an intro. But I hope to get some readers of my journal interested in these new series. Blogs are useful!


Hey all you people who live close to me! Come play DDR!

Current Mood: amused
Saturday, October 21st, 2006
11:13 pm
What Grinds My Gears.......
Not like this title was inspired by a certain popular adult-oriented animated series about a certain dysfunctional family on a certain network. Lol

But you know what really grinds my gears?

There's a quiet place in my school called the "sun room", okay? Everyone goes there for down time-whether it's to study or just relax. So one day I'm in there readin Negima, ok because when I read, I NEED QUIET. So I'm in the sun room with two other decent considerate people who are nice and quiet and being studious when these TWO F**KING GIRLS come along and TALK SO ALL CAN HEAR THE ENTIRE TIME THEY'RE THERE. They were there for like a half-hour, just gossiping away, blah blah blah, NOT CARING that others around them needed quiet in order to study or read. I got irritated but said nothing, the wuss that I am. And then, like two or three weeks later, it happened AGAIN. Same girls. Only there were THREE of them this time. WTF people? I'm sorry but that's just F**KING RUDE! If you wanna gossip with your stupid little friends, IT'S CALLED THE F**KING CAFETERIA DAMMIT!! And I mean EVERYONE knows that room is supposed to stay quiet........*mutter mutter* I'm venting my anger here because the most I could do at the school was roll my eyes and give exasperated sighs or toss glares when they weren't looking. So why didn't I say anything? Cause I didn't want to be viewed as "that little bitch in the sun room" by these dumb girls I didn't even know.


You know what ELSE really grinds my gears? When people STARE over your shoulder when you're trying to talk or role-play on AIM! It's ANNOYING! I mean, they just WATCH you because they're bored. Get yer own laptop, dammit. I can't role-play properly when they DO that kind of shit! It's like GO AWAY, YOU, but yes, again, I'm just too effing nice to tell them so. Therefore precious RP time is sacrificed. I'm so sorry Chibi Mitsuki-chan! >_< *glomp*

And yes, there's something else that really grinds my gears. Algebra. Yes, the math.What the hell does algebra have to do with being a manga-ka? Or a goddamn voice actor? I'd like to find the asshole who made the rule that ALGEBRA is required to get into a four-year college and cram my last flunked test UP HIS ASS.

F**K ALGEBRA because I'm incapable of learning it.

Here ends my bitching of stuff for today. I may bitch some more if I need to. Um it's not like today was bad or anything-no it was a good day today but this was a long-overdue rant. ^_^;

Current Mood: yes-have an effin sore throat
Tuesday, July 18th, 2006
3:11 pm
Arrrrgh! Ye scurvy curs!
Yes, I saw Pirates.^_^ I was supposed to see it with Teneshi (I'm SORRY Teneshi! >_<) but my dad wanted to see it and he's kinda like....my movie buddy sometimes...heh heh I'm a daddy's girl definitely. But I will always agree to see it again! Because it was bloody great! Captain Jack Sparrow=win. And you get a lot of him this time. Which is smart of the directors. Because EVERYONE knows that's the reason people freakin' go to the Pirates movies. xD The other characters are really awesome too; especially Elizabeth. But it's really hard for Bloom to shine against Depp-haha yeah, good luck with that Bloom.

At work........the heat is bloody unbearable. It really sucks. No one was coming to order last night until at least after eight. Because it was bloody too hot. And I get to clean the grill tonight during the bloody too-hot weather. Oh JOY.

I am playing Disgaea now or.....trying to as I bloody SUCK. xD It's so hard! Damn you Mid-Boss! DAAAAMN YOU. Laharl is so darling and I am becoming obsessed with him; in fact, he's on my desktop now. Lols. LaharlxFlonne OTP!! I drew fanart of them (but keeping it IN CHARACTER).I love them-they make such an adorable couple. *pauses as Laharl pretends to gag in the background* xD Yeah right kid, just own up to it. After what you did for her...there's no denying it now. *glomp*

I took wingedriver's advice and watched Negima. At first I was weary of it because critics have claimed it to be a bad anime full of fanservice and poor animation. Why the hell do I listen to critics? Critics are so stupid and biased. I actually adore this show. After two episodes. It might be the dub. Or it might be the character designs. Or it might be Negi himself and Greg Ayres' ADORABLE LITTLE KID BRITISH ACCENT. OH MY GOD. Negi is so cute; he stayed out all night to help Asuna even though she was a bitch to him-HOW SWEET IS HE!? And I like Asuna too...for some reason...even though she's bitchy, she's also playful and it's cute how she teases Negi since he's so naive. I think Luci Christan has a lot to do with it.
The dialogue is hella-funny. "A....a bear?" "THE LAST BEAR YOU'LL EVER SEE!!" Luci's so great at voice-acting that she can make a slightly amusing line sound hysterical. I was shocked that it was Funimation and that gives me great hope that FMP SR will have the same English actors. OH pleeeease please please. >_

Current Mood: I wanna be a pirate! :D
Thursday, July 6th, 2006
12:56 pm
Fandom Hype PWNS
I love when I'm hyped on a series-it's such an awesome feeling that makes you type like a stupid n00b (ZOMG I LUV DIS ANIMEEEEEEEEE!!!1111shift111) xD and being at the Full Moon Wo Sagashite forums has totally renewed my Full Moon hype. It brings out my fiery passion for MitsukixTakuto more than ever and I will defend them from the annoying Negi Ramen freaks to the end!! BWAAA!

And they go "you're just listening to Tanemura, you're not thinking for yourself blah blah" and all this shit...WRONG! I love them because I love their type of couple, I love their fated meeting, I love their adorable chemistry, I love how he's older than her and protects her as if she were not just his girlfriend but his child because that makes it EXTRA cute, I love their personalities, I love their beautiful "love conquers all and I will DIE for you" Romeo&Juliet-style theme and how they trust each other and ahhhhh I just love love love love them soooooo much!! I feel as if NOTHING can drag me down from my beliefs about them. My fandom hype is unstoppable! BWAHAHA. xD

More stuff....

I like t.A.T.uuuuuuuuuu!! Their music is so awesome. I can't help it. I'm a sucker for techno. I like their voices too and I even like most of the lyrics. I'm so relieved that the truth about their real relationship came out because if I told my parents "Guess what, I love this Russian band and their music is about lesbianism but I can't help it because the music is cool!!" that soooo would not go over too well. xD LMAO

Now I'm going to rant about work...


*Ahem* Yeah it's bad, it really is. Everytime I go there I'm like "Can I leave yet?" *looks at clock* "SHIT IT'S NOT EVEN SIX'O CLOCK!? YOU'VE GOTTA BE F*CKING KIDDING ME!!"

I want a new job *whines* Last night some freak on coke came to order a chocolate cone and then my boss goes:
"You're cleaning the grill tonight"
Boss: Yes *laughing*
Me: I don't wanna! Don't make me do it!
Boss: Oh why not? It'll be fun.
*after five minutes of whining*
Boss: I was kidding *laughs hysterically*

It wouldn't be so bad if I had someone to rant about anime with. *sigh*

OH MY GOD. Speaking of "having someone"....this is unbelievable...yes, it is time for Chiibi's stupid cliche lovelife starry-eyed fairytale! YAAAY!

I had a crush on this kid in middle-school, right? It was honest to God love-hate. Yes, the exact kind of shoujo manga relationship I fangirl over. Good-looking, a tease, sometimes mean, a total playboy. He always pissed me off but I fell for him. And when we got into high school, he flirted a little with me and I took the bait, hook, line, and sinker. He always had a girl and when I saw them together, it was totally "the main heroine is burning with jealousy...oh look at the flames around her! She looks scary!" cliche! xD Then after graduation we lost the very little touch we had.

Now, I've never had good luck with guys. I haven't been with one since I was 14. It's always one-sided with either me or a guy who's like "I LOVE YOU" after a couple months that he's known me sometimes even after a DAY. >.>; And other times, I meet people online who seem like they'd be a blast to date but the problem is, they live on the other side of the world. >.>; So I've been praying to God asking him to give me someone special (yeah, I'm a Christian despite my disrespectful way of talking xD but I believe in expressing yourself to the extreme)

Not so long ago, one of my classmates commited suicide. It was very shocking and even though we weren't close at all, I'd known him since kindergarten as our moms are like uber-close. Many of the old high schoolers were at the funeral home. I suddenly had a fleeting thought of "OMG what if HE's here....they were on the football team together.." (I'M A TERRIBLE PERSON AND EXPECT TO BURN IN HELL FOR SUCH A THOUGHT DURING A FUNERAL!!)but I didn't see him and felt sad because I took it as a sign that I'll never see my schoolgirl crush again....BUT I prayed to God again for someone special to come into my life and gave five dollars for the offering at church one day. And a week later, what do I see coming home on the sign of a bar?
"Welcome back Private *HIS NAME*!"

........o_o......holy crap. I couldn't believe it. I still can't. I'm in shock. How am I supposed to take this? Three years of nothing, not a trace and all the sudden his name pops out bold in black-and-white on a three-foot sign? >_>; I wanna see him...I do but I'm afraid of getting hurt...and I'm sure he's got a girlfriend by now, let alone WIFE....the little player...but I wanna see him dammit....x_<;;

Current Mood: hyper
Sunday, June 25th, 2006
4:00 pm
Chiibi's a DDR NOOB!!
I just got to play it at Teneshi's house. Thank you again, Teneshi! <3 (and for D.N.Angel too!!)

It's one of those things where even though you suck, it's still fun.^_^ And yeah, I suck. But I wanna keep playing until I get bettar! In fact I'm even thinking about buying one myself! And I just found out it's not that expensive---oooh I wanna get one!
As for the songs, I like "deeper with deeper meaning" by Be 4 U.<3

You know how I whined about my job before? Well on Thursday the power went out in a storm and they sent me home. And here I'm thinking "Welll, I can't do much at home but at least I can draw, right?" LMAO the power was on at home and I spent the evening watching TV. How sweet is that!? xD

I'm working on so much and sleeping so much. Argh it feels like I'm never going to get anything done. I guess I'm biting off more than I can chew. As usual. Damn me. xD

But Full Moon DVD 1 is coming in the mail this week! KYAAAAA! *jumps up and down*

I met a new guy online recently. He wants to publish my fanart in his anime magazine! O_o! UWAAA! I don't believe it! I'm so happy!! But I don't think I have fanart that's good enough (from actual series-not my own) so I have to work extra-hard on more stuff! EEEE I'm excited! >_< Not to mention utterly flattered. >_>;

Roleplaying FMWS with chibi mitsuki-chan is so fun!!<3 Yay for MitsukixTakuto rabu rabu stories!! xD

Current Mood: chipper
Sunday, April 30th, 2006
9:25 pm
Eichi fangirls are ANNOYING
Yeah, so like, I'm getting heat from this Eichi fangirl. She called me "ignorant" because I said if Eichi acted like a jerk, I MIGHT like him. Well, she is the "ignorant" one because she insulted me because my view is different than hers. Oh she also said, "what the hell is wrong with you?" Grrr, apparently she can't understand that SOME girls prefer guys who act mean sometimes and don't throw themselves at you begging to be your doormat. Why? I can't really say, but 2-D guys who act like jerks are a turn-on for me and I'm not the only fangirl who thinks so, if you can't respect my f**king opinion, STFU BITCH.

I've been glued to this FMWS forum that is full of anti-Mitsuki fans and FMWS canon couple bashers. OMG, never thought there could be such a thing. They hate Mitsuki for really stupid reasons.-_-

"I hate Mitsuki because her eyes are too shiny"

WTF, you are a retard, dear.

As for the canon couple bashers, they can be just as dumb-they seem to have the habit of making up shit about the manga that isn't true and ignoring the things that ARE true and reading FAR too much into what they want to be true but isn't. They are deluding themselves because things didn't go their way. I feel sorry for them because they can't enjoy FMWS for how it's meant to be read.

They said they don't like Mitsuki and Takuto's love because it's "unrealistic" but at the same time, they are EichiXMitsuki supporters. Yes, dears, meeting a guy you want to marry at age three, is so very realistic INDEED. *rolls eyes* And get this through your heads, you delusional weirdos,


Oh get this: they don't like "unrealistic love" but they ARE Fushigi Yuugi fans.

That's the f**king funniest thing ever, isn't it, Mai-Lynn? XD

I better settle down (I get pissed off when I rant lol)

Let's see...my boss is dumb (we get along ok but gawd, is his humor DUMB). I hate sweeping under shit and making thick and extra-thick milkshakes and working til 11:00 p.m. ON SATURDAY NIGHTS when I'm not even allowed to draw or listen to my preferred music when we don't even have f**king customers but other than that, work is peachy. I like making flavor cones and looking at the pretty colors the syrup turns the icecream.:D LOL

I hate making thick/extra thick milkshakes because they are messy. You gotta put in tons of icecream and if you don't hold the cup right, it goes EVERYWHERE. x_x Here's how it goes.......(minus the l33t)

Chiibi's Tales of Horror at Earl's Dairy Whip!

Me: *smiley smiley* :D Can I help j00!?
Random Dude: Yeah, I'd like a chocolate shake.
Me: *smiley smiley* :D Would you like that regular?
Random Dude: Uhhh, extra thick.
Me:*smiley smiley*:D All righty.
Me: *turns milkshake machine on and icecream goes FWEEEEEEEEEEE!*
Me: ZOMFGWTFAHDjfkhjfkeuoeuhkhdkdhoohhhSHITSHITSHIT!!!!!!!
Rick teh lard boss: Aww, I'm sure glad I don't have to clean up THAT mess.
Me: kjfkahfoeiuaejkhgkahfkhfkhfkhhoeiutioeqytFAWKYOURICKSHUTUP!!!!

T3H END!!!

Um....what else, ah!
Drew a funny omake for Shinicon today, hehe it is t3h funny! XD Drew a few more manga pages too with funny stuffs. Takuya's mean-ness has no limit!
"You are a complete failure as a shinigami! And that's not all! You're stupid. And you're helpless. A pain in the ass, a weakling, immature, and YOU HAVE NO SEX APPEAL-absolutely NONE!" *dies* I wuvs him~~~~<3 <3 <3

Watched the Goblet of Fire DVD extras with Dad. The deleted scenes were cool but I think they were cut for time (the one with the crazy heavy metal wizard band is esp. long) The interviews with the cast were cool too-the kids look like they have so much fun together! Makes you wish you were there. *sigh*

Current Mood: nyar
Friday, January 27th, 2006
12:27 pm

....wow, you might want to stay away from Chiibi today. She's a little psycho...XD

Current Mood: pissed off
Friday, January 20th, 2006
4:32 pm
Arinacchi and Ribon...
I was discussing this with another SDC fan earlier. Does anyone feel that Arina-sensei's works feel like they're too sophisticated to run in such a little girl's magazine? I buy Ribon monthly just to read her stuff (ha otaku~ otaku~) and when I flip through the other manga, there's just no comparsion at all! I'm not talking about just the art (which is definitely so) but the atmosphere she creates feels totally different, and her themes are so deep and it's full of symbolism and metaphors and overall, it's so...dreamlike (when she's being serious with it ^^). The other shoujo manga in Ribon are cute and touching sometimes, but to me, they feel rather...shallow?

however Arinacchi says she'll never stop drawing for Ribon...
shame. An older audience could appreciate SDC a lot more than a younger one, methinks.

Current Mood: blank
Thursday, January 12th, 2006
11:13 pm
Anime Rantage!
So I got into two new series this week-er three but I will only rant about two of them as only one episode has been released of the third thus far. (It's brand new)

The first I checked out was 魔探偵ロキーRagnarok (Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok. At first it looks like your standard ghost story series but it's not. It's really mysterious and you can tell something much more important and disturbing is going on underneath the seemingly light atmosphere. That intrigues me! And Loki is the most adorable little Norse god there ever was! (that possessed-looking child is Loki there *points to new avatar*)The opening to this series is so deliciously dark and BADASS! I love it. So much in fact that I ripped it to my PC. I could watch it over and over again! XD (the ending is pretty good too)
I can't wait to rent the next volume! I have the manga...but they're REALLY different! x_x;

The other title I'd been dying to see was Sukisho! 好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!!(I Like What I Like So It Can't Be Helped!)

.......long title. So yeah, we just call it "Sukisho" XD; Sukisho is awesome-ness. It's also funniness. Very very funniness. And boy-love-ness and pretty-ness and inappropriate-ness and touching-ness! I don't know how many times I laughed during those five eps, but it was a lot! They go to an all-guys school! Everyone is flaming gay! There are no women at ALL!! XD And I really love the plotline: What do you do when you lose your memory of your childhood best friend, and that friend's split personality just happens to be YOUR split personality's LOVER but in reality, you guys HATE each other? XD It kills me. The artwork is a little less detailed than you want it to be, but there's crazy chibis that spaz (esp the seme) and lots of lovely bright colors and the character designs are pretty cute.

One moron gave Sukisho a negative review and said Gravitation was better.

UM HELLO!? D=< What are you, STUPID!? I really liked Gravi and all but it had NO plot! Or barely one. It might have nicer music (Suki's music is still good though) and nicer art but seriously, ok, Suki has a friggin plot at least! And a damn good one too! Also the growing love between Sora and Sunao is much more realistic and it isn't rushed. There are also no crybabies in this or particularly annoying characters. They're all either funny, cute, mysterious, sexy, or a mixture of those! I will warn you, they can be very very feminine though. But we like it like that, right? :D

The seme and uke are really really adorable together and their interaction during the opening theme is enough to make you melt!

Sukisho's OP pretty much goes like this:
Angst, angst, hey little uke! oh this must be fate- reach out to me! hey look how cute we were as kids, let's hold hands,Omae suki da! Aa, ore mo suki da! And whoops our clothes magically melted away into a sea of roses! Let's stand here naked and embrace oh so cutely for the fangirls!

*dies* Fanservice at its best-that OP....

...Midorikawa Hikaru plays Sora. *drool* I love that guy's voice!

Current Mood: sleepy
Sunday, January 8th, 2006
7:10 pm
Well I'm going to go kill myself now.
Viz just got their F**K-ing hands on my favorite anime in the world:
満月をさがして(Full Moon Wo Sagashite).

You bastards.

I suppose turning the manga into some dumbed-down amercanized piece of crap wasn't good enough for you, eh?

Here's my message to you personally:


....but yes, I'm counting my blessings. It could have been Funimation, Cartoon Network or 4Kids.

Current Mood: pissed off
Monday, December 26th, 2005
1:17 pm
Hello, everyone. Merry Christmas. Woo. Eh mine was mediocre this year. Why? Because my parents are cheap! =P Blah!

Anyway, I've been playing lots of games at yahoo lately. I recently got into this really cute one called "Chuzzles". It's kinda like Bejewled with furry balls...erm, HARHARHAR. No, really. You gotta move the rows of these things and when you group three or more of the same color, you get points. It's very addicting. Plus they squeak when you get a match, before popping like balloons and scattering fur all over the game board. I like things that squeak. Har har.

But the best is yet to come. See, I've been playing only the web version, but then I decided to download the full version trial. And I really really got a kick out of this:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


XD...yeah, indeed, WTF IS THAT!? Apparently it's a Super Chuzzle according to the game. No, it's a Super Fat-Ass Chuzzle if you ask me. They're not in the web version so if you want to laugh at a different colored one, you have to download the game. I wonder if there's something wrong with me; I laugh at these things every time one shows up on my screen. They look like pufferfish!

There's also rainbow chuzzles in the download version. And you can play Classic Chuzzle, Zen Chuzzle, Speed Chuzzle, and Mind Chuzzle too.

So whatcha waiting for? Stop reading this and go pop some fuzzballs!

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